As a proven progressive, Emily Francis has built her career fighting for what’s right. For more than sixteen years, Emily has been a force for change through her career and service to our community.

As one of Virginia’s leading conservationists, she worked with scientists to devise plans to protect the Chesapeake Bay — then worked with farmers, watermen and others to implement it. She has worked extensively with non-profit organizations to preserve our treasured landscapes, strengthen public health standards and protect consumers’ rights. Emily has navigated solutions at the state and local levels and has helped pave a common-sense path forward.  She currently advises non-profit organizations in Virginia to advance public policy victories that are good for all Virginians.

Emily Francis will bring a fresh perspective and an unflagging commitment to public service to Virginia. She’s a seasoned strategist, a skilled organizer and a trusted advocate. Her work with organizations across the country most recently has included the Chesapeake Bay Foundation and the Virginia League of Conservation Voters. Emily has spent the last eight years in and around public policy in Virginia, as such she has worked on both sides of the aisle, and knows what it takes to get things done at our Capitol.

As an active community leader, Emily has engaged in projects that bring people together, listen to their needs, encourage collaboration and increase civic engagement.